FL@T> Deadpool the game

What we have here is a High Moon Studios (Activision) game, claiming release in 2013 and sporting an awesome website for support. I’m not trying to sound negative, but I don’t really find any of Deadpool’s random quotes funny. It

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FL@T> Injustice: Gods Among Us

Fl@T stands for “First Look At” in which I will preview games that are coming up and have a due date of next month to next year. This growing game here wont be out till 2013, but no month has

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Andmade Share for Android

Sharing is caring, and if you’re big on sharing than you’ll understand why this app is a gem. Having multiple apps can clutter your share menu and this is where Andmade comes through. This app is simple to use and

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Google Drive Leaked

I’m a sucker for Google products. Nah, not really. I let Wave drown, never used Wallet and Blogger got deleted. I just don’t use it. Every now and then Google comes out with something worth using. This would be a

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Michael Bay Making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles From Outer Space

I say go for it dude. Everything you make turns into silver. I have been a fan of TMNT since Burger King sent me “The Secret of the Ooze” for being in the once awesome now tossed them Kids Club.

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Buffalo’s Frustration-Free USB Hub

I was reading an article over at Lifehacker giving tips to remember the seam of a USB goes down so you won’t plug it in the wrong way. I’m always inserting my USB the right way first, but get it

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