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PS3: Skyrim Second Thought

I take forever to beat games, sometimes I don’t beat them at all. Skyrim is beautiful game that offers a variety of things to try. For me I was sold because Bethesda is a name I can surely count on

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FL@T> Injustice: Gods Among Us

Fl@T stands for “First Look At” in which I will preview games that are coming up and have a due date of next month to next year. This growing game here wont be out till 2013, but no month has

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Andmade Share for Android

Sharing is caring, and if you’re big on sharing than you’ll understand why this app is a gem. Having multiple apps can clutter your share menu and this is where Andmade comes through. This app is simple to use and

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Black Ops: Der Reise Glitch

I’m so lazy. So lazy it becomes unbearable. I gotta spit it out already. Glitches. Exploiting glitches. DLC: Der Reise has been my favorite level for a long small time. Aside from that mansion level and Ascension. I guess I

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Saints Row: The Third Review

Saints Row 3 was released November 18th, by Volition, Inc. I bought it after Christmas at Best Buy; $30 bucks, beat that. Sign up on to get your stats or download skins create by other users. This game is

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Overload!! Here some of my favorite post this past week. __GAMES: Interplay loses rights to sell Fallout titles. __WEAR AND TEAR: Misscoffee sells handmade plush dolls for geeks. Misscoffee’s Collection. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle beanies! __COMICS: The Hip Hop Family

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