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Android: How to Root MetroPCS M860 (CDMA)

Metro PCS Huawei M860 is a sad phone. A friend had this for a couple months and replaced it immediately. So like always I say hey let’s root it. In a matter of minutes I gained permanent root access. My

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Android: How to Root Motorola Cliq (GSM)

T-Mobile Motorola Cliq is an old phone I found so I decided to root it for fun. I ran into minor problems, outdated tutorials and broken links. Just mix them together and voila! I used the SUPERONECLICK procedure posted on XDA’s

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Google Drive Leaked

I’m a sucker for Google products. Nah, not really. I let Wave drown, never used Wallet and Blogger got deleted. I just don’t use it. Every now and then Google comes out with something worth using. This would be a

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How to Root HTC Hero (CDMA)

Sprints amazing and well developed HTC Hero CDMA Version. What a hassle at first. I used the Z4root one click procedure posted on Unlockr’s website. Here are the steps I took to get permanent root and then load a Custom

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Google Image Search, Do it, wait don’t!!

What an awesome idea. What a crazy idea. Will I remember to use it? Its crazy all the different projects Google is currently working on. Still I wait for my expired, discontinued G2 from Tblowmo to receive Gingerbread. Oh yea

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