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Android: How to Root MetroPCS M860 (CDMA)

Metro PCS Huawei M860 is a sad phone. A friend had this for a couple months and replaced it immediately. So like always I say hey let’s root it. In a matter of minutes I gained permanent root access. My

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Android: How To Unbrick Your Droid X

Motorola Droid X is an old friend. My father and cousin both have this phone and both had very different experiences. My dad had bluetooth or GPS connectivity issue’s so I switch him to a MIUI and he enjoys it.

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Android: How to Root Motorola Cliq (GSM)

T-Mobile Motorola Cliq is an old phone I found so I decided to root it for fun. I ran into minor problems, outdated tutorials and broken links. Just mix them together and voila! I used the SUPERONECLICK procedure posted on XDA’s

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Android: ROM G2 Ligux v3.2 Beta

I found this Rom at the XDA Forums while google searching for new Roms. I have a HTC G2 and my thoughts on this phone are, it’s fast, but unreliable. I remember my battery life was crap and I wasn’t

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Andmade Share for Android

Sharing is caring, and if you’re big on sharing than you’ll understand why this app is a gem. Having multiple apps can clutter your share menu and this is where Andmade comes through. This app is simple to use and

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