Apple: iPhone 3 Stuck On iTunes Connect Screen

I don’t usually work on iPhone’s, but when I do, I make sure I know what I’m doing. That being said, updating is an easy process when using iTunes. Connect your product to iTunes, let it sync and if the update is available you will have the option to download or ignore.

Okay, all was well during the download, but during the install this iPhone crashed and I was stuck at the connect iTunes screen.

Here are the steps I took, keep in mind this was a quick solution.

1. Open iTunes on a different PC or Mac (Near you).
2. Connect your phone via USB and let iTunes recognize your phone.
3. Then just click on restore and agree to the terms and the update will begin.
4. It’ll take about 20 minutes depending on internet speed so BE PATIENT.
5. Once that process is complete, enjoy your phone.

If you don’t have another computer to work on, the next best thing was to disconnect and shut off the iPhone.
Hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously till the screen goes black.
From here you should:

1: Hold the Home button
2. Connect the USB still holding the Home button, enabling recovery mode.
3: Wait for the Connect logo.

This should be the next easy solution, you restart the driver, which will notify you to start the upgrade. It may take a couple tries so please, try try again.

source[sawrs, sohrs]
Apple Discussion


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