Android: How To Unbrick Your Droid X

Motorola Droid X is an old friend. My father and cousin both have this phone and both had very different experiences. My dad had bluetooth or GPS connectivity issue’s so I switch him to a MIUI and he enjoys it. My cousin on the other hand had a terrible experience, poor battery life and kept going into a boot loop. To tell you the truth, I no longer want to root this phone.

I was successful using the Droidmodderx method, which will teach to SBF your phone.

I did find outdated links so I’ll update those, give the credit and layout the steps.

Update to Android Version 2.2.1

“If you brick your phone, this could be your last hope to bring it back to life.”

1. Install the Motorola Droid X Driver.

2. Download and install  RDS Lite 4.8.

3. Last download will be your SBF file. (I used the last 2.2.1 file.)

4. Boot your phone into BootLoader Mode.
Hold the CAMERA and Down VOLUME BUTTON down; DON’T RELEASE, NOW the POWER BUTTON for a few seconds.
(TIP: Your phone may just stay blank release the buttons and bootloader will appear.)


5. Connect your phone with via USB and RUN RDS Lite.

6. Find and select the SBF file you extracted earlier and Open.

7. SIMPLY click run. You’ll see
SW Update
In progress…

(About 10 minutes later you should see the Motorola Sign followed by the Red Eye Radar Boot Screen.)


8. GREAT! Your phone should now reboot and be in working condition meaning waiting for Activation from Verizon.

I TRIED TO MAKE THIS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE BUT IT TAKES TIME. I just recreated and adapted my experience for this tutorial.
Maybe this guide will help others with questions. Thanks for reading.

source[sawrs, sohrs]

Droid Modder X


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