PS3: Skyrim Second Thought

I take forever to beat games, sometimes I don’t beat them at all. Skyrim is beautiful game that offers a variety of things to try. For me I was sold because Bethesda is a name I can surely count on for open environment, choice and the characters.

The Protagonist is a Dragonborn which is a rare individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a Dragon, not immortal though.The storyline can be followed along but you always have the choice to wander off and play the side stories. It helps to collect and sell items along the way. So I played a bunch of side missions which isn’t a good idea, for me at least. Until I started to follow the story and I’m content yet again. I just keep getting off track by side missions.

Story mode

Customize Your Character
Open World
L2 for running
Role playing FPS

If you’re reading this I wouldn’t think twice. You’re still thinking!

CUSTOM DESTINATION (This has caps because I need my GPS and that cursor would not let me click directly on my choice of destination.)
Upgrading your character. (I think this could have been better laid out.)
Choosing weapons (I gotta pause the screen for everything.)

Not Much to add-on my complaints list. I like stealing horses but I’ve paid my dues!

On a side note I forgot to add for Android: Download Medeg’s Skyrim Guide!

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Skyrim Photos Take a look at the view(s).
Official Skyrim Website


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