Android: ROM G2 Ligux v3.2 Beta

I found this Rom at the XDA Forums while google searching for new Roms. I have a HTC G2 and my thoughts on this phone are, it’s fast, but unreliable. I remember my battery life was crap and I wasn’t able to multitask between Maps and Pandora. Learned how to Root and now almost 1 year later I after using multiple Roms I finally found a Rom that’s worth keeping. I used many roms including ILWT, Cyanogen, Miui, even Villian. All Roms were great and improved all aspects of my phone.

I present to you Ligux v3.2.

This is a Beta and they already have the Official v4.0.
I just really enjoy they way this was presented. It had a Miui System but Cyanogen elements. Ligux Rom’s have offered me better battery life, faster performance, more tweaks and settings to care for.
The one thing I have yet to touch is the Crack Market which allows you to access the Market from any region.

source[sawrs, sohrs]

Ligux v3.2
Download Ligux v3.2


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