FL@T> Deadpool the game

What we have here is a High Moon Studios (Activision) game, claiming release in 2013 and sporting an awesome website for support. I’m not trying to sound negative, but I don’t really find any of Deadpool’s random quotes funny. It wearing thin but this trailer is everything but funny. I’m digging the brutal fighting, explosions and the Wolverine dis at the end. Deadpool is made out to be more of a comic relief than a serious video game. Should I care no, I suppose I’m just in a bad mood. I really want more gameplay and we can surely expect more updates in the coming months. For now just enjoy the trailer if you dig it and check out the source links for more videos and the official site.

They haven’t even mentioned if this is for PS3 or XBOX!

source[sawrs, sohrs]

First Check out the 4th wall combo
Deadpool Official Site
Follow Deadpool on Twitter


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