Michael Bay Making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles From Outer Space

I say go for it dude. Everything you make turns into silver. I have been a fan of TMNT since Burger King sent me “The Secret of the Ooze” for being in the once awesome now tossed them Kids Club. My favorite part will always be the intro. Keno the pizza delivery guy confronts a couple masked thugs just to find out it’s not a fair fight. He yelps, “Help” and in come the TMNT. WOW I will never take the off my favorite movies list.

Keno: Hold it! You guys are under arrest.
Burglar: What are you, night security?
Keno: No, I’m a pizza delivery.
[the gang laugh and attack, and Keno easily kicks their asses]
Keno: Did I mention I also study the martial arts?

People really hate remakes. I say screw them, its gonna happen so why not enjoy the show. Smile dammit!

source[sawrs, sohrs]
Michael Bay’s Forum


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