Buffalo’s Frustration-Free USB Hub

I was reading an article over at Lifehacker giving tips to remember the seam of a USB goes down so you won’t plug it in the wrong way. I’m always inserting my USB the right way first, but get it wrong, just to turn it around (fail) and then again to get it right. Frustrated as much as the next person, the people at Buffalo decided to create this hub for a hassle free experience. No matter which way the seam is facing the USB will plug-in. PERIOD.

  • Windows and MAC compatible
  • 1.1, 2.0 support. NO SUPPORT for 3.0
  • USB powered
  • Portable 4 port hub.

Who would skip this up? US customers actually will for the moment, unless you order it from Japan. Its $23 bucks. Comes in multiple colors and a whole lot of nothing else; Except a receipt.

source[sawrs, sohrs]
Inventor Spot
Product Info 


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