Black Ops: Der Reise Glitch

I’m so lazy. So lazy it becomes unbearable. I gotta spit it out already. Glitches. Exploiting glitches.
DLC: Der Reise has been my favorite level for a long small time. Aside from that mansion level and Ascension. I guess I just wanted to write this quick tutorial just in case you want to take advantage of it. Take no skill to accomplish; Just your will to survive. You can do this alone or solo.

You start off standing across from the Pack a Punch station. You start to hear the first round of zombies start; Time for a strategy. I just let them come in screw it, Attack as you wish. (The first round is always boring and your entitled to play your game the way you wish.) For max points on the first round in my experience, Shoot each zombie in the legs with five, six bullets then stab! I got 1,590 points plus an extra 40 for the windows. That’s a door and gun right there.

You survived, I hope. Unless you die on purpose; don’t get smart. By the end of round three I already opened all the doors in order to reach the Mystery Box, turned the power on and have one zombie left standing. Hopefully you get an awesome gun of your choice. Run back around, try to afford the bouncing betty land mine, cross the bridge into the last room, which I marked green. This room has a window to the left and two other paths. DON’T OPEN THOSE OTHER DOORS! Yet, Wait for the last zombie to shoot and proceed.

Round Four: Now, here’s the glitch no matter what round you’re in. Stay in this room and protect the only window here. Go ahead, shoot, stab, build, but be savvy about it. You’ll need bullets soon enough so whatever round you end up having to explore, make sure you have a zombie left. This allows you to roam the map, get ammo or better yet get teleporter A and C turned on. Come back to the spot and build up points easily. Go out again, hog the box, grab quick reload, you name it.

TIP: Dogs are on round five, so I get the bouncing betty land mine, hang out in the room and place one on each corner so it’s easier to defeat them AND make sure you don’t leave one laying where the last zombie could accidentally walk into.

If we’re still going for speed and believe me I’m slow. Round Six: I already purchased teleporters A and C, juggernaut, quick reload and lucky for me I got the guns to support me. You know, I say speed but I really mean efficiency. Round Fifteen: You can let some zombies in, if you can handle it. I got lucky and lasted till now because of the perks that dropped. You should by now be able to turn on all teleporters, earn 3 or more perks, and Pack a Punch both guns. If you’ve managed this far what else could I possibly go on about. I don’t know let’s play.

TIP: Stay near the teleporters, that way if you’re having trouble, you can teleport out of there. This will automatically drop a perk in front of you after a couple seconds but, sooner or later you’ll hear a voice and be denied the perk. Pray that it’s Insta-Kill though and go crazy! Not cray cray.


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