Saints Row: The Third Review

Saints Row 3 was released November 18th, by Volition, Inc. I bought it after Christmas at Best Buy; $30 bucks, beat that. Sign up on to get your stats or download skins create by other users.

This game is amazing and proper. Where do I start? Fast paced, no rules, absurd, mayhem, the list can go on. Right from the start your mission is to rob a bank; Which becomes a set up. Trying to steal a vault from one of the banks, blasting away at swat, add in the cut scenes and your already on the edge of your seat. Just think about the hours of game play you’ll encounter and so far I only told you one scene. It felt like GTA 3, but on crack. Don’t try to compare the two, even though they look similar, the difference comes out on every corner.
Go for a cruise and enjoy Steelport, you’ll see very quick this city has lots to offer. The characters, cars, atmosphere, even the controllers; Which takes a little getting used to. It’s all in this small special package made with pure love. This is my first Saints Row and I’d recommend it. Even though DLC is already out for this, the first official Mission Pack “Genkibowl VII” will be released on PSN network Tuesday, January 17th, 2012.

1) Driving: Crashing, speeding, and stealing cars is easy and quick. Once you master drifting, speeding and turning become a cinch. The way you can hit and run almost anything, with no hassle, the ease of controlling any bird-like vehicles it makes the game so much better. You’ll also find motorcycles, boats, tanks and a bunch of unique vehicles that even I have yet to find.

2) Customization: Do you like to customize your characters? Shoot! Your definitely in luck. Not only can you customize your characters, gender, voice and apparel, you can have your take on cars, gangs, and minor weapon arrangements.
3) Weapons: (Wait till you enable the SA3-Air Strike.) Their motto is “Strap it on” but I prefer “Destroy everything.”
4) Accessibility: Attack, escape, purchase, steal and get away with anything, with just a simple phone call or call for backup and create more disaster. Of course you have to play the story mode and level up to gain better rewards, (EVIL NOTE: You can cheat and access everything for free) but if you’re like me earning them makes it much more exciting.



1) Glitches: You’ll see them, but will you really care?

If you don’t own this game you’re missing out. I’m missing out! You get so many options to choose from and if you haven’t already downloaded the Initiation Station. YOU’RE MISSING OUT!!! I should have bought this sooner, but you know me… I’m cheap. Seriously though, you have been offered an open world like no other, a key to the city. Take advantage of the opportunity, sell those old games and recycle.

Next: I need to try out the new Final Fantasy demo on PSN.

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Buy it on online or your local store
Saints Row Bible


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