Post Nothing, Play Everything: Retrode 2

I said I would write more often. I failed. It’s still only the 5th so I’m turning it around.

“Combining game consoles and emulators, the Retrode 2 is a device that lets you play SNES and Genesis games on your computer.”

I was staring this down like breakfast for dinner. Till I read this part,

“on your computer.”

I kept thinking to myself whats the point who cares. My SNES is at my parents house just in case I’m really bored. I have emulators on my phone which I never play; Yea I download some games illegally.
Cough The Old Computer Cough.

Alright so this wouldn’t be a tool you would see in my collection, but off the bat you should realize.

  • The use of cartridges (Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo)
  • Original controller support
  • Its portable
  • Backup/transfer your games and saved data.
  • Ran out of reasons.

Who would skip this up, me of course. At $85 bucks they only advantage I would have is… none. I’m content with the free versions available online. Give it a go. This product has more pros than cons.

source[sawrs, sohrs]
Joystiq’s post
Buy it on Stone Age Gamer


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