Uncharted 3 beat!

I take forever to beat games. I bought Uncharted for someone else, but than took it upon myself to beat it. Decision time! I was taking my time on this and at the same time thinking how it’s impossible to beat Uncharted 2’s action and story, but play U3 for a couple hours straight you’ll clearly see (I hope we can all agree) that action is present and its constant. How many people did you kill? Did you beat crushing? I can tell you I died over 160 times on hard and story mode lasted me about 8 hours. I keep telling my cousin I’m going to beat it on crushing. I doubt that.

Story mode
Online mode
Co-op mode

I was sitting here thinking what else I could add to Pros but in reality nothing has changed with this game. We got a few new characters, more explosions and the split screen co-op mode. The maps are bigger, but are they better? I couldn’t even add the story modes ending to pros. This game is well worth its value, don’t get me wrong.

Split Screen
Saving Config
Uncharted TV

Most of my complaints are about the options menu. I know most games don’t offer the horizontal and vertical split screen, but It’s about time they did! It’ll look like crap regardless. I love the option of aiming over your shoulder left or right that Uncharted has introduced me too, but now you have to turn it on using the “Controllers Options” and to top it off every time I played I had to turn it back on. There was no save feature when configuring options which really bothered me. I read that the aiming was a big deal which for at first I didn’t like the aiming but it grew on me. Even with the latest update and new aiming options. It just felt all the same loose and not the Uncharted signature.

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