Online Storage Rules

Or does it? I know many people use it, I myself am a user of the three mentioned. I like finding out about new options and thanks to Lifehacker I’ll get those options.

1) GoAruna was my first option when I first searched for online storage. They were new back then, but I uploaded videos, music, and photos without hassle. I even shared my folder to others and it was fairly easy for them to download my content. I never use that account anymore. I probably deleted it. They do start you off with 2 GB of free space which is a great start for a free account. Now if you visit them they allow you to send 250 MB worth without even making an account. They support Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, even Archos and Palm. That’s exciting to hear.

2) Skydrive is the latest option I used. Apparently I’ve had this from the start due to my MSN account with them. This option gave me 5 GB of free space. Great right? Not really because the upload size is limited to 100 MB per file, so if you use it for media, just move on to the next option. Documents and photos are a go for this option. The major downfall at the moment is the lack of apps for any OS. Access the website with your mobile browser and you’ll have instant access.

P.S. I did find a third party app so I’ll give you a small preview after. I also found this article that mentions Windows rumor for an app.

3) Dropbox is the option I use. I told all my friends to sign up so I can get more space. Not many agreed so I only accumulated 4 GB of space; Free space that is. New users will get 2 GB to start off. Which for me is more than enough. I honestly only use this to share pictures with people and save some text files. The best thing about Dropbox is the mobile apps and the instant sync of files any size and format. Of course the bigger a file the longer it will take to download. Yes Dropbox has had a few inconveniences but overall I like this service and I’ll continue to recommend it. This is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Head over to Lifehacker and you can view more options available.
source[sawrs, sohrs]


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