The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(@

This game has been on my mind as of late. Its getting lots of attention.

First off, if you have any long term commitments like say, a job or friends or a significant other, we suggest you ring them to make your excuses now. @VideoGamercom

Bethesda is behind this. For those who don’t know they helped create the Fallout and Oblivion series; And ever since I was introduced to Fallout 3, my life changed. I forget about everyone, everything, stayed in and stayed up till who cares what time.

Those who have played Oblivion, or either of the most recent Fallout games, will be right at home with the console controls here. @RPGamer

It was simple to get along with the controllers. At first I wasn’t to fond of playing to be honest. It was open world, lots of walking, searching, shooting and using VATS. The endless dying and glitches that freeze your PS3. Alright enough.

I climbed a mountain to find a long-forgotten tomb, crossed a frozen tundra in search of powerful masked adversaries linked to one of this world’s greatest mysteries, and found myself riding my steed with haste toward a village under dragon attack.@GamerInformer

Open world I said, I meant it.

The way you pick your character and the way you level up as you go has changed for the better, in my opinion.@TeamXBOX

Damn you Xbox.

What should be thrilling fights in Skyrim are often weighed down by the same clunky melee system Oblivion suffered from.@Joystiq

Joystiq is always honest. That’s why they are my favorite site.

Bethesda has created a very special game indeed – one that’s likely to remain in the affections of gamers for many years to come. @EuroGamer

Or once Fallout has a new title or Interplay brings out that MMORPG.
I honestly CAN wait. I kinda want to get back on fallout, maybe wait for this on discount. ;) Maybe even go to Redbox.

source[sawrs, sohrs]


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