Fujitsu LTE F-01D (Waterproof)

Its great to see the many options available for tablets instead of having to choose iPad. I know theres been plenty and more to come but as Android Fan stated waterproof is in. The Fujitsu Lifebook ST4011 (one of many tablets soon to be available) was on to demonstrate it awesomeness. This tablet has the ability to sink down to 1 meter deep in water, its lightweight and runs on Android Honeycomb.

The device sleek, lightweight (only 597 grams) can be used on construction sites, in the public sector, telecommunications, agriculture and logistics. And ‘the perfect solution for every situation.

597 grams = 1.32 pounds, BTW. I need to find my way to Japan’s electronic convention somehow.

FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q550 tablet runs on Windows 7. That sounds even better, forget I mentioned this one.

source[sawrs, sohrs]


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