My Dirt 3 Review

Dirt 3 was released May 24th, by Codemaster. I bought it July 9th. Completed 23% of the trophies so far. 19 hours 42 minutes and 19 seconds;Stats are awesome!

Cars, tracks, and multiplayer?? You need to not worry about that, Of course its AMAZING!!!! Though that excitement that punched you in the face when Dirt 2 started, when you enter your camper you’re watching a music video on the TV, check stats on the wall, go outside, or just quick race. Its was cool.
1. 2011 triangles and a car in the background slowly suspended in time while the wheels turn as if it were drifting. Its cool just boring after a while.
2. Music IMO was the worst. Though I did hear some Chromeo, they’re always great. More cons to come.
3. Whats with the obsession with uploading my video to YouTube? That would probably be cool on a game like Fallout but Dirt 3 is full of racing action. Stay away.

TIPS: Always “Custom Join” when you go online.

4. Spectating online? Maybe I’m the only who cares but why are the camera angles fixed? You can have the 360 view on which is better than nothing. But unless I’m crazy or just that lazy I couldn’t find a way to simply look left or right in any camera view.
5. Choosing a car is fun. Choose the year, your car, a livery, and Vehicle Setup is always on.
6. Don’t know what else to complain about. Expect I wish there were more people playing Cat and Mouse. That’s so much fun! You missing out quit being a sore loser. This wasn’t much of a review haha.


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