How to Root HTC Hero (CDMA)

Sprints amazing and well developed HTC Hero CDMA Version. What a hassle at first. I used the Z4root one click procedure posted on Unlockr’s website. Here are the steps I took to get permanent root and then load a Custom Rom.

Firmware 2.1
Build Number 2.32.651.2

First off DON’T FORGET TO BACKUP all your data. I use AndroZip to backup all my apps. Contacts are automatic with your Google account.
ROOTING PHONE WILL VOID WARRANTY. If you brick your phone, that sucks.

1. Download and install Z4root 1.3.0 or higher. Thanks to RyanZA.
(Once you click Permanent Root the phone might freeze. After about 5 mins of just sitting there I turned off it using the power button; If not pull the battery. Root should still be successful.)

2. Download and install Rom Manager which you can purchase or get the free version in the market. Open Rom Manager and “Flash ClockworkMod’s Recovery” then choose your phone model; Reboot your phone.

ERROR? Step 2
ALTERNATE RECOVERY: If you get my error like me. Rebooting would lead me to a frozen boot screen. The next step for you is to pull the battery out, turn your phone on. Run Rom Manager and “Flash Alternate Recovery” this should now give you access to recovery mode and you can now reboot using an app called Quick Boot which is also in the market. (Now use step 3 and ERROR? Step 4 to continue)

3. Next we have to choice a ROM. Use your USB cable to connect your phone and upload the zip file to the root of your SD Card.

4. Open Rom Manager click “Install ROM from SD Card” and find the file you uploaded should show right away. Check all three boxes which will backup, wipe phone and Davlik Cache; OK to continue.

ERROR? Step 4
ALTERNATE RECOVERY > QUICK BOOT: If you did have problems. Find a Rom using the link above
Using Quick Boot click recovery, which will reboot your phone into recovery mode. Manually backup using NANDroid > Then “Wipe Data” and “Wipe Dalvik Cache” The last step is to highlight “install zip from SD Card” and click the zip file you uploaded to install; Reboot your phone.

5. Congratulations you should have successfully rooted and installed a Custom Rom for your outdated phone.

It took me almost 2 hours to figure out something pretty simple. After trying a few Roms we stuck with Cyanogen V7.0.3 which was last updated 05/05/2011.
Maybe this guide will help others with questions. Thanks for reading.


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